The morning begins with the wake-up bell. After cabin chores, the boys gather for flag raising and the pledge of allegiance.

A hearty breakfast prepares the boys for an exciting morning of activities. Each morning, Monday through Saturday, there are four periods, each for a different activity.

Lunch is followed by a rest hour, when the boys can visit with cabin mates, nap, read, or write letters home.

After rest hour, the boys have two additional periods of activities where they can work on projects or pass ranks. The afternoon concludes with a camp-wide free swim.

After supper, boys usually organize games of basketball, "Danny Ball" or ultimate frisbee.

The evening entertainment varies each night. The most memorable nights involve skits performed by each cabin.

After the evening entertainment, campers return to their cabins to clean up, brush teeth, and have a counselor-led devotion. As with the beginning of the day, the day ends with the ringing of the bell.