In addition to the activities, the boys enjoy many special days and trips. They range from camp-wide celebrations, such as Camp Birthday and Fourth of July, to special trips where we visit places like Mennonite farms and Cumberland Caverns. These special times include:

Celebrations: Camp Birthday and 4th of July are two special days for campers. The boys are divided into teams to compete in a variety of games, relays, and the ever-popular pig chase. Each team is led by the older cabins and dresses to show team spirit. The festivities culminate in a tug-of-war in the mud pit followed by a bath in the lake and an outdoor lunch.

Donkey Day: Donkey Day is unique to Camp Country Lad. It is a day filled with donkey-everything: Donkey look-alike contests, donkey costumes, donkey relays, and donkey basketball.