In addition to the activities, the boys enjoy many special days and trips. They range from camp-wide celebrations, such as Camp Birthday and Fourth of July, to special trips where we visit places like Mennonite farms and Cumberland Caverns. These special times include:

Camp Trips
Camp Trips: The boys will take a number of trips to local places in the community. Some trips, like the visit to the flea market or seeing a local theater production, involve the whole camp. Other trips, like visiting the local Mennonite farms, spending the night in Cumberland Caverns, or whitewater rafting, are done as age-appropriate cabin groups.

Mennonite: Country Lad is situated in a large community of Mennonites, a group of people who lead a simple life, similar to the Amish. In fact, a number of the Mennonite women cook at the Camp. The tour, for the younger cabins, includes a hay ride, shopping at the leather store, and sampling some of their delicious bread.

Whitewater Rafting on the Ocoee: The older cabins take a day trip to the Ocoee River for some exciting whitewater rafting.

Flea Market: A trip to the local flea market gives the boys a chance to buy a small item. Some cabins will all purchase the same item, like a hat, as a cabin theme. Some boys purchase rabbits or ducks to bring back to camp to raise.

Center Hill Lake: The older cabins take an extended campout to Center Hill Lake.