In addition to the activities, the boys enjoy many special days and trips. They range from camp-wide celebrations, such as Camp Birthday and Fourth of July, to special trips where we visit places like Mennonite farms and Cumberland Caverns. These special times include:

Sundays: On Sunday mornings, the boys dress in their Sunday whites and attend church service in our outdoor church. Mr. Malcolm meets with the counselors, staff and older boys to plan the services.

After church, lunch, and a rest hour, there is a special event in the afternoon, such as Cabin Camp Champs or Donkey Day. Donkey Day is unique to Camp Country Lad. It is a day filled with donkey-everything: Donkey look-alike contests, donkey costumes, donkey relays, and donkey basketball. Dinner is followed by a campfire Vesper service where the boys sing songs and reflect on the words of Mr. Malcolm.